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Become a Referee

If you are 18+ we will contact you immediately. For those under 18 we run regular intakes (every 3-6 months). Keep an eye out for an email with the next opportunity.

Use this form to register your interest.

If you have any questions please contact referees@basketballhawthorn.com.au

What does the Beginner course look like?

Becoming a beginner referee involves:

  • Online training
  • On court training

You will complete the online training to give yourself a basic understanding and then learn to apply it on court with a mentor.

The course is free to view and complete at any time

You will only be able to commence on court training with the approval of Basketball Hawthorn.

Why referee?

Reffing is a great way to be involved in basketball. You’ll learn more about the game from a new perspective, make new friends, develop skills and earn some money. You might even end up finding yourself pursuing a career in reffing.

Referee pathway

referees progression flow diagram


For all referee and officials related enquiries please contact:

Alex Scott
TOC Manager